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Essay on Happy New Year Resolution in English

Essay on Happy New Year Celebration in English. How to Celebrate Ideas, Resolution Goals, Making a Difference Speech, Change The World Article, Paragraph.
Essay on Happy New Year Resolution in English

Ushering in New Year…

Every year goes by with its own share of highlights, problems, solutions and events. Most of us get so caught up in our daily lives, in our regular routines, that we do not realize how similar each year becomes to the other. Be it our education, our families, our friends or our jobs, we often end up ignoring the bigger things in life. We often forget to make a difference, and we are almost always too busy to do so.

This year, however, we can make it a different year by going out and making a difference by ourselves. Issues such as poverty, climate change and pollution are not really beyond our control. We can all make small changes, and each person’s contribution is very valuable. Every person taking initiative will be changing a small part of the life as we know it.

We often feel the need to feed the street children and to distribute clothes and other necessities to them, only on special occasions. Instead, saving up a little bit of money being spent on luxury buys can be given to a particular needy person out on the streets, or the contribution can go to a good NGO which is trustworthy.

We can start trying to be conscious about littering the streets by always making sure that we throw our trash into the dustbins. We can also start trying to convince other people to do the same. Even convincing family members and close friends will make a huge difference.

We can start teaching the under-privileged children. Teaching even one child can make a huge difference in his/her life. That child will be able to read and write in basic english, which will give him/her a job which can keep her off the streets.

There are so many such things which do not take much effort to do, but which can create change. These changes might look very small initially, but every large place is large only because it has many small places contained within it, and these small changes will slowly spread if one is persistent enough.

There are a lot of issues which need to be rectified in our country. Apart from the inequality between genders, there is also widespread poverty, immense pollution, and a lot of political disturbance. It is the initiative of courageous individuals which can help remove these issues from our society today. It requires a lot of courage, it requires a lot of dedication, and it also requires the willpower to help others. Even if we cannot change the world altogether, starting off this year with baby-steps such as keeping your neighborhood clean, or teaching basic english to a single underprivileged street-urchin can have an impact. And as these changes start bearing fruit, more changes will follow. All that we really need to have is hope, and the dedication to make a difference in this world. This is a far better way of starting off the New Year, than by sitting and complaining about the problems all around us.

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