Saturday, December 14, 2013

Love Poems for Girlfriend in English


I Fell in Love 

I fell in love with an enigmatic girl 
She is precious more than pearl. 

When I see her all the time I amaze 
I dive in ocean forgetting all revenge. 

She looks beautiful with weird hair 
She meets with people without care.

She speaks very slow and laughs loud
I love the way she tackles the crowd.

She is so fine that makes my love divine 
We make together an incredible life as stars shine. 


She is Mine 

I love the way she stares at me 
Her eyes are so bright and blue 
I love the way she talks to me 
Her words are like blossom and true.

I love the way she makes me laugh 
and the way she shows me care 
I love the way she calls me 'Jerry' 
and the way she is always there.

I love the way she pinch and smile 
Always sending chills down my mind 
I know that our love is not fragile 
and glad that she is mine. 

By Randhir 'Bharat' Choudhary 

Love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. Everyone wants to be loved and Love is the reason why most of us are here in this world. When you are in love you start loving everything in your beloved. You begin to think your beloved is unique. You tend to focus on the positive qualities of your girlfriend or boyfriend overlooking his/her negative traits. When you are in love you start feeling a powerful sense of empathy towards your loved one. You start feeling his/her pain as your own and are willing to sacrifice anything for that person.

We can see such feelings in the above poems. Thanks to Mr. Randhir for sharing such cute and sweet poems.