Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Poem on Save Trees in English

Save Trees

Trees are the ornaments of earth 
They Make the environment pollution free
To save the life on earth 
Every person should grow at least a tree.

Trees are the great donors
They are not less than god to us
They provide shelter to 
many insects, animals and birds.

Trees provide us cool shadow 
and protect us from scorching sun 
They provide us fruits, flowers and many things
yet they expect nothing in return. 

Trees are good sources of 
medicinal herbs, lace and raw materials for industries
We get resins, natural gums, woods
and many more things from the trees.

They give us oxygen to breathe in 
and absorb the carbon dioxide
Trees are our best friend
They exist so that we can survive.

Trees check the soil erosion 
and maintain its fertility
They help in drought and flood control 
and add in natural beauty. 

They cause rainfall and 
protect water resources under the ground
The hazardous effects of global warming will reduce
When we will plant more and more trees around.

No one is benevolent like trees
Everything they give us is free 
But we the humans are very cruel 
We unnecessarily cut the trees for fuel. 

Please love the plants and trees 
and have a friendly behavior 
By planting and caring them 
do yourself a favor. 

By Monika Jain 'Panchi' 

Deforestation is the major problem nowadays. It is creating many environmental problems such as pollution, global warming, soil erosion etc. It is time to save forests for our own future. We should promote afforestation otherwise one day will come when it will become impossible to survive on this earth. So save trees and save our planet. 

How is this poem on save trees ?