Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Poem about Religion

Religion Poem : Find Your Lord

We spend millions of rupees to make magnificent temples for god
But there are millions of people who spend their whole lives on roads.

We offer to god variety of sweets
But there are many people who don't have anything to eat. 

We devote expensive clothes and jewelry to lord
But millions of people wear clothes that are torn and old. 

We are proud of our religion 
But we never see that man sitting on the road in isolation. 

We take up swords in the name of religion 
But we don't even notice that lady struggling with her starvation.

Religious extremists are destroying our peace, freedom and happiness
We should understand what the religion originally desire from us.

Religious Hypocrites are developing religion as a business
For their personal interests they are dividing us.

We all the living beings are constituent of five elements 
kept alive by heat and light 
Our source and destination is one then why to choose different paths ?

The message given by every religion is of love and humanity 
Then why this pomp and why this hypocrisy ?

Love, peace, happiness and god all are within us 
Sow the seeds of love and happiness and reap again in tons.

Choose the true path of devotion towards god 
Love every creature and you will truly find your lord. 

By Monika Jain 'Panchi' 

Religious hypocrites have made the religion just a product to sell and market. This hypocrisy is making the people narrow minded and prejudice towards others and this is destroying our peace, freedom and happiness. We should understand the true meaning of religion. Love and humanity is the essence of all the religions. So by filling the heart with love for everyone and by following humanity we can become religious in true sense. 

How is this english poem about true religion, hypocrisy, love and humanity ?