Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Poem on Lord Krishna

O Krishna ! Please Come Again

O Krishna ! you promised 
Whenever a decline of righteousness will prevail 
You will manifest yourself personally 
Today evils have spreaded its trap 
and morality is falling rapidly.

O Krishna ! can't you hear 
The pain filled screams of poor 
Can't you see the standing walls of hatred
Greed, lies, deceit and hypocrisy are growing day by day 
So many Kansa and devils are born today.

Cows of our country are cutted in slaughterhouses
Farmers are committing suicide in narrow circumstances
Journals are filled with rapes, murders and corruption
Increasing crimes are leading us towards destruction. 

To stir the universal consciousness with your flute 
To overthrow all the evils from their roots
To bring out our chariot wheels stuck in the slime 
Please come again to held the chariot for bridel of our life.

Many sudamas need your friendly affection
Many draupadis are waiting to get your protection 
We need you even more than before 
Our society is sick and wants you to cure.

O Krishna ! please come once and fulfill your promise 
Light the flame of hope and fight for the justice
Please protect the religion and reestablish it in true sense
Destroy all sins and remove all pain.

You have to come for the protection of good
You have to come for the destruction of wicked
You have to come for the establishment of righteousness 
You have to come to awaken our consciousness.

By Monika Jain 'Panchi'

Lord krishna is regarded as the 8th incarnation of lord vishnu. In gita lord krishna promises that he will return to the physical world to reestablish the religion whenever there will be decline of righteousness and the rise of unrighteousness. The above poem is a prayer to lord krishna to remind him his promise as today we need him the most.