Monday, January 6, 2014

Poem on Rainy Season in English

First Rain with My Pal

These raindrops are not just water droplets 
They contain those love moments that I can never forget.

Their touch on my eyes in this beautiful weather 
Awaking those dreams that we saw together.

The smell of this wet soil pouring out my desires
So writing a poem to paint this shower. 

The sound of this soft rain falling on the ground
To whisper in my ears i wish you were around. 

Gentle breeze is blowing and touching my face
Making me remember your warm embrace. 

To erase my sorrow and wash away my pain 
I wish I could dance with you in this rain.

Thundering storm and gusty breeze 
Wish you were here to listen my heartbeats. 

I want your arms to hold me close 
and kiss the raindrops on my nose.

The music of this rain is touching my soul
Wish I could see this first rain with my pal.

Little sun rays are making the rainbow shine 
I wish you were here forever to be mine.

By Monika Jain 'Panchi'

Rain is the most romantic thing in this world. Rainy Season is refreshing, relaxing, natural and pure. The beats of raindrops, smell of wet soil, thundering clouds, gusty wind all create the perfect ambiance for making love. Getting wet in rain, humming rain songs, dancing with your partner, romantic movie and candlelight dinner all are the perfect ways to spend monsoon days. But for the one who is separated from his/her lover this season brings lots of memories, sadness, pain and desires. The above poem reflect such wishes and desires. How is it ?