Saturday, January 4, 2014

Poem on Terrorism in English

I Wanna Meet a Terrorist 

I wanna meet a terrorist 
and want to ask some questions 
Don't you have a heart 
or you have lost your emotions ?

The city filled with screams 
Don't affect your ears ?
These blood stained bodies 
Don't you feel fear ?

You want to create terror 
With your bad intentions 
But In my view 
You are the most coward person.

When you distribute death 
How do you able to sleep ?
When you burn innocent people 
Don't your soul weep ?

Like a puppet of others hands
You are doing your task 
What’s your purpose behind this 
I wanna ask.

Whether its religious or political goal
In my eyes you are a dead soul
Your unlawful violence and tactics 
Show that you are mentally sick. 

My questions are not finished 
Will ask after meeting you 
I am not frightened 
Infact feel pity for you.

By Monika Jain 'Panchi'

Terrorism is creating terror in the mind of people by using violent methods to achieve some goals. It is cruelest crime and a greatest threats to mankind.. Terrorists are the brainwashed people, who can’t distinguish between good and evil. First we must find out the reasons for the emergence of terrorism. If the demands of terrorists are justified and not affecting the national interest adversely then they should be conceded but if their motive is immoral and contrary to national interest then there is no question to accept it at all. Terrorism is a worldwide problem. All countries must unanimously decide to eliminate terrorism. The countries harboring terrorists should be boycotted by all other countries of the world. There is a need of quick and effective actions against terrorism. Let we work together to vanish it from the whole world and make it a better place to live.