Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Poem on Truth


Truth Always Wins

Truth ! never bow, never die
No matter how powerful is the lie.

Never stop, never pause
Even if the paths are filled with fog.

These tracks are waiting for you to bright
So never be afraid if there is no light.

Be the sunshine and never disappear
Even if the black clouds of false appears. 

The wind of injustice is blowing everywhere
Eliminate its effect with your fragrance and flavour.

With all the odds you have to survive 
Breaking walls of fraud you have to arrive. 

You have to defeat all the sins
You have to prove that truth always wins.

By Monika Jain ‘Panchi’


Hidden Feelings and Expressions

Today I want to write truth 
that remains unwritten while writing so many things
Yes, I want to write all the pain 
that remains hidden in smiling lips. 

I wanna write the love 
that remains unexpressed in our expressions 
I wanna write the outrage 
that gets buried under the merciless compulsions. 

I wish to write the malice 
that gets shelter in hearts but not visible to others
Wish, I could write the poison 
that shows its effect without any sputter. 

I will write the affection 
that is not understood by an ungrateful son 
Of Course, I will write the selfishness 
that is easily transferred by a person. 

I should write the innocence 
that is swallowed by a cunning very subtly
Obviously, I should write the tears 
that are drunk by a struggler very strongly. 

Every Time I sit to write 
something unspoken always remains 
I wish, one day all the hidden truth and expressions 
I could pen.

By Monika Jain 'Panchi' 

How are these poems on truth, hidden feelings and expressions ?