Friday, February 7, 2014

Poem about Separation of Lovers

One day you will come never to be apart

Do you remember the day 
When we met for the last time 
Don't know what you were feeling 
But for me it was very tough time. 

I was feeling like 
My soul has been separated out from my body 
and my heart was shivering 
Because of this unwanted farewell ceremony. 

I was gripped with an unknown fear 
When you disappeared my eyes filled with tears
I was gazing endlessly upon the way
As it was difficult to accept that you have gone away.

Saying goodbye to you was a heartbreaking moment 
A part of mine was being separated, I felt
I wanted to shout, cry and scream
As I was left with only broken dreams.

Endless days and sleepless nights
Without you in my life nothing is right
The wholeness i felt with you is now incomplete
With your own you took my breath.

Remembering every single moment i spend with you
Deep down in my heart so much I love you 
I am still waiting with a hope in my heart
One day you will come never to be apart.

By Monika Jain 'Panchi'

A feeling of separation is one of the most painful feelings. Coping with it is the hardest experience. Saying goodbye to the one you loved most is the heartbreaking moment. No matter what the cause if your relationship fails you are likely to feel sadness, anger, hurt, fear, loneliness and a sense of failure. The above poem is reflecting this overwhelming, emotionally shattering sense of loss that we experience at the end of a relationship. 

How is this poem on separation of lovers ?