Monday, March 10, 2014

Poem on Eye Donation

Let us enlighten someone’s world 

Today when I saw a blind man 
I thought
How lucky we are ? That we can see the whole universe
Think about the people whose life is filled with a curse. 

They are unaware about the colors of life 
To see the beauty of this world they didn't get any eyes
The world we can see, the world we can feel 
But those who can’t see from where they will get the zeal. 

What is blue, what is red 
They don’t know how the colors make us glad 
No trees around, no flowers to bloom 
Their life is like a dark room.

No moon to watch, no books to read
But we can help such people indeed
We can change their life forever 
We just need to do a little favor. 

We can illuminate their darkness 
By donating eyes we can fill their life with lightness
After we are gone our eyes will give them sight
This way our eyes will continue to live a life. 

Instead of destroying our eyes 
Let us donate them to make best use of our life
For the sake of humanity 
Let us donate our eyes to fulfill our responsibilities

How nice it would be when even after our death 
Our eyes will be able to see this beautiful earth
Eyes are best gift of nature to the body 
So let us donate our eyes and make this adorable charity.

Let us donate our eyes as its kindness 
Let us donate our eyes to eradicate blindness
Let us donate our eyes to create belief 
Let us donate our eyes to give someone a big relief
Let us enlighten someone’s world 
Let us give wings to a bird. 

By Monika Jain 'Panchi' 

How is this poem about eye donation ?