Sunday, March 2, 2014

Poem on Save Water

Save Water to Save Life

Water is the nature’s precious gift to mankind
It is the lifeblood of the planet
No one can live without water
So conserve water to help you and the environment. 

Water is the basis of life 
It relieves us from heat 
It quenches the thirst of every creature 
It makes us clear and neat.

Water is inevitable source of energy
It can recharge our weariness
It can revitalize our skin
It helps to absorb nutrients. 

It's the ornament of earth 
Becomes cloud and sends rain 
It gives pleasure in the form of waterfall 
Becomes river and flows again. 

It becomes pearl of oyster 
It is savior of all 
Gives greenery to trees 
and life to soil. 

Water is a mean of communication
It is used to carry our goods and trade
It is essential for the growth of forests
It is used in the manufacturing of many products. 

Water is a privilege, 
A lot of us taking it for granted
Desperately using of water is a bad sign 
It should be strictly avoided.

Drinking water is a rare commodity
It needs careful planning and management
As water is an integral part of our daily life 
On which we are heavily dependent.

Recognize the value of water 
Save it to save life 
Otherwise the day will come 
When no one will survive. 

Save water for the earth, family and community
Save water to fight against global warming situations
Save water for the social and economic development
Save water for the survival of our future generations.

By Monika Jain 'Panchi'

How is this poem on save water and water conservation ?