Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to Heal a Broken Heart

How to heal a broken heart 

How the heart feels when it is broken by someone ? You may feel your life is meaningless. You no longer feel any joy with your family, friends and hobbies. But this is not the end. Here I am telling you some steps to heal your broken heart and come out of your pain. 
  • Our heart suffers mostly because of the attachment we have with the one we love most. So try to detach with the person who broke your heart. Detachment with that person will surely lead to peace and happiness. 
  • Checking his/her facebook wall or taking information about him/her from your mutual friends won't make you feel good. So instead of doing this create the list of the activities that make you feel good and involve yourself in such activities. 
  • Till now she/he was your world but now create a new world of new friends who don't know him/her. You can find these friends in hobby classes, libraries, clubs, blog etc. 
  • Jogging, exercising, meditation, yoga, walking all will affect you in a positive ways. 
  • Erase everything related with him /her. Erasing his/her gifts, pictures, messages etc won't erase your memories associated with him/her but it will surely help you in getting out of your pain. 
  • Whenever you start thinking of him/her just say stop and focus on different things and activities. You should develop some hobbies like reading books, writing diary, dancing, sketching, painting, singing etc. 
  • Share your feelings and pain with your close and true friends. Don't hold the pain in your heart. Cry if you want to cry. 
  • Forgive the one who broke your heart because forgiveness will surely release yourself from the captivity of negative and stressful thoughts. Forget and forgive and do a fresh beginning of your life.
  • Involve yourself in helping the needy ones. Because when you think about the pain of others and try to help them you forget about your pain. 
  • There are many other important things in life than romantic love. So use this opportunity to nurture your friends, family and self. 
  • Think about the positive sides of your break up. 
  • You can't change your past but you can learn from your mistakes. Never repeat these mistakes. 
  • Do one favor with yourself whenever you think about the good things and memories of your relationship also think about the bad memories and bad things he/she did with yourself. It will help in detaching yourself with him/her. 
  • Alter your pain in something very constructive and good things. You can pen down your pain in form of poems, songs, drawings, stories etc. 
  • When you feel you are ready to open your heart again then move on and find someone else to be with. 
By Monika Jain 'Panchi'