Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Miss You Poem for Him

You are my entire world

When the raindrops touch my eyelids 
It's you who flow as tears 
When the wet soil spreads its fragrance 
Your odor I feel everywhere.

When the sun rays knock my door 
You become my morning 
When I look at sun set 
I feel you as the gust of evening.

The blue sky 
reminds me your eyes
Remembrance of your naughtiness 
is giving me butterflies.

You become the wish of my eyes 
When I see at a shooting star 
When the clouds roar 
You become the beats of my heart.

I feel your presence 
even in crowd
Distance keeps us apart 
But you are always in my heart. 

When I recall your voice 
a smile comes on my face
I can feel the warmth 
and gentleness of your embrace. 

When I sleep at night 
You become the dreams of my eyes 
When I wish to write something 
You become the words of my rhyme. 

Lying in my bed 
You are running in my head
You are not close many miles away
But you are always with me in thousand ways. 

My love for you is endless 
that can not be measured in words
You are my reason to live 
and You are my entire world.

By Monika Jain 'Panchi'

When you are in love and your loved one is not with you, everything around remind you of him / her. You miss and feel his /her presence, smile, laugh, warmth, touch and everything about him / her. The above poem reflect such feelings of missing your loved one. How is this poem ‘ I miss you ‘ ? Feel free to tell via comments.