Saturday, April 12, 2014

India of My Dreams Essay

India of My Dreams

'I am proud to be Indian'. Every other day I read this somewhere. But, we the citizens of India, can really claim so for today's India.To feel proud on our country, why we are still living in ancient India ? What about today's India? Is this the India we dreamt of ? India of my dream is a country
  • Free from corruption, communalism, casteism, superstitions, gender discrimination, crime, violence and all the social evils. Where people are not afraid of leaving their houses open and where no crime exist. 
  • Where just the religion of humanity exists leading to peace, happiness and harmony. 
  • Where people are not superstitious. 
  • Which is known for great scientific and technological advancement. 
  • Where farmers are respected like other professionals. 
  • Which is with 100 % literacy and where child labor doesn't exists. 
  • Where no one sleeps hungry and no one is unemployed. Jobs are available in each city, so that people don't need to migrate from one place to another in search of jobs. It will reduce the burden on the resources of cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune etc and it's also beneficial from the point of view of demographic equation. 
  • Where justice to a common man is neither denied nor delayed and no one is afraid of speaking the truth. 
  • Where there is no inequality and no social injustice. No one belongs to higher class and no one belongs to lower class. Where economic development is defined as economic equality. 
  • Where leaders are selfless and think about the welfare of country and its citizens. 
  • Where villages don't lack infrastructure facilities. Excellent network of roads and bridges are connecting even the remotest part of India. More improvement is needed in term of sanitation, potable drinking water and health care facilities.
  • Electric supply is continuous and there is no power cut. 
  • Where people follow all the rules and regulations and are disciplined. 
  • Where man lives in harmony with nature. Where trees and wildlife are safe. 
  • Where the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained where garbage is not spilling on the roads and animals are not roaming around on the streets. 
  • A country dominating the international scenario. A land of peace, prosperity and plenty.
This is India of my dream. If we can dream, we can achieve too. The only need is to wake up. So, let us make an India, which is really worth living and on which we can truly feel proud.

By Monika Jain 'Panchi'

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