Saturday, April 19, 2014

Motivational Poem in English

Who Makes The History ?

Life is not interesting to those 
who always live in shadow of flowers
Life is enjoyable to them 
who also know the pain of thorns. 

Food is tasty for the one 
who can live without eating for some days
Nights are calm for the one
who works hard whole the day.

Who never dry in the sunlight 
can't find the nectar in water
Who is sitting on the edges 
can't bring pearls from the water. 

Who is not the part of rat race 
and makes his own way and pace
His guts, courage and determination
takes him to the destination.

One who count his blessings instead of his crosses
One who count his gains instead of the losses
He always enjoy the life instead of his woes
His failures takes him on the way to success.

Who always greet life with a cheer
Who is courageous enough to fight with the fears
Who don’t give up when everything is wrong
Only he can make the life a beautiful song. 

One who takes all the constraints in a positive way
One who keeps all the negative thoughts far away 
He can live life to the fullest 
and only he can get happiness and success. 

One who keeps the hopes alive 
and never afraid of difficult time
He makes the history 
who faces all the odds to survive.

By Monika Jain 'Panchi'

With joy, happiness, pleasure and success life also comes with challenges, problems, sorrow, defeat and constraints. But life is beautiful. We only need to face all the challenges and adversities with a positive attitude. 

How is this motivational poem ‘ Who makes the history ’ ?