Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Poem about Wind

I am the wind

I am the wind
The human boundaries can't stop me 
I am free to flow in every direction 
and no force can turn me.

I am brave enough to say whatever is in my heart 
The walls of hate can't stop my path
I am free to roam in the cool sky 
With birds and trees I enjoy my fly.

Cherishing the wings of butterflies
Swinging on the branches of flowers
A little fragrance and giggling 
I spread from earth to stars. 

I allow the kites to go high
I blow the birds about the sky
I am power, love and grace
I can be at any place. 

I cause the change 
I create the waves 
I can push the heavy clouds on mountains
and can turn them into storm and rain. 

As long as you will remain imprisoned
in the cage of hatred and envy 
Till then there will be no difference 
between your freedom and slavery.

To feel the freedom you have to be air 
To fill the cracks of hearts 
You need to love and care. 

I, you and God all are the same
One flows into another and between us 
No difference remains. 

By Monika Jain 'Panchi'

Through the wind I just tried to give the message of love, unity, equality, harmony and freedom from the narrow views. Basically we all are same then why these walls of caste, color, creed, region etc. We should learn the lesson of equality and unbiasedness from nature, sun, moon, birds, animals, breeze etc. 

How is this poem on air / breeze and wind ? Feel free to tell via comments.