Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Poem about Society Today

I can't say I was a good soul

After two and a half hour
Still on the chair
But didn't write anything, yet
And I call myself a writer.

Even I have learned to walk
Now I know what is good and bad
But I didn't take steps against bad, yet
And I call myself a human.

Yeah, I go to temples
I beg for mercy, I ask for happiness
I pray for myself not for you or anyone
And I call myself a true devotee.

I can see there is a thief 
I know what is he gonna do
But I turn my face on other side
And I call myself a good civilian.

I know the meaning of appetite
Eating fast food cause I bought it
But I ignore a beggar who may hungry from two days
And I call myself a rich man.

I know when I'm in pain
I come to you and share my feelings
But I don't ask how are you
And I call myself a true friend.

I know one day I'll go back into dirt
There will be my deeds with myself
And when God will ask what was I
I know I can't say I was a good soul.

By Chetan Dheer 

This dual character can be seen everywhere today. Society is changing rapidly and we humans are becoming more and more self centred with the passes of time. 

Thank you Mr. Chetan Dheer for sharing such a thought provoking poem about the society today. How is this poem on double character of today’s world ? Feel free to tell via comments.