Thursday, May 8, 2014

Poem on Birds in English


I don't need next life on earth

My day begins in sorrow
And day ends in tears.

Sitting alone on a lonely tree
My little house on the top branch
Sometimes, I cry.

When I see
My childs are dying
But there's no one who would help.

Humans are not less than animals
Now I'm enough tired to walk
My wing is broken in half.

And now I see
Where I'm heading
And I'll ask this question to my Lord.

Why you created
This monster on earth
Their edacity is out of control.

See, a human hit me with a gun
I didn't hurt him
But he hurted me just for a fun.

I don't need next life on earth
If there is a human
He would not hesitate to kill me twice.

By Chetan Dheer 

Thank You Mr. Chetan Dheer for sharing such a heart touching poem about the cruelty of humans on innocent birds and animals just for their fun and entertainment. 


I am a Bird 

I am a bird 
I can touch the sky 
I am free so 
I can fly very high.

Sky is my kingdom
Earth is my bed
Spreading my wings
I am feeling great. 

I don't have to face 
walls of religion and race
No border limits 
can affect my pace.

Mosque, temple and church 
Every wall is my residence 
By becoming Hindu, Muslim or Christian
I don't lose my significance. 

There are no rich 
There are no poor 
In my world 
All are similar.

By Monika Jain 'Panchi' 

How are these poems about birds ? Feel free to tell via comments.