Friday, May 30, 2014

Poem on Broken Relationship

Dry Rose

The rose kept in the pages of my diary 
has dried as our relationship 
But the fragrance coming from it is still alive
as the memories of our companionship.

How much I cried
So much I screamed 
With our separation 
I was never agreed.

I felt like my body was being ripped 
Emptiness you left behind is still unfilled
You took away my smile, laughter and happiness
When I lost you I lost myself. 

Little hopes I had inside you killed
You destroyed more than you helped to built 
You left me alone and scared in the rain
What I felt I can’t explain. 

Loneliness tortured me every moment
But gradually I tried to live 
I didn't forget anything 
But I tried my best to forgive.

Now no tears flow from my eyes 
Life doesn't stop in absence of your care 
I have paid a big amount for it 
The smile of my lips has lost forever.

Today when I saw that dried rose 
It reminded me of my broken dreams 
A tear came from my eyes 
That were waiting for years to stream.

By Monika Jain 'Panchi' 

When a relationship ends painfully it feels devastating. Breaking up can literally break your heart. The one who experiences this pain feel like his /her heart has been shattered into millions of pieces. It is most painful when you love someone who used to love you. You may feel like end of your world. 

How is this poem about a broken relationship ? Feel free to tell via comments.