Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Poem about Camel

Save the Ship of Desert 

The ship of desert is neglected today
The true companion of man
is considered useless nowadays.

It can move a long distance without water 
It is known for it’s patience and endurance 
It is gentle and very hardy
played a critical role in the area of war and defense. 

The milk of camel cures many diseases
The wool is used to make many accessories
It’s dung is used for fuel 
As a mode of transportation heavy loads it carries. 

No protection is given to camels 
They are cut in slaughterhouses
There is no organization of cattlemen 
as they are stroller, have no premises. 

Cattlemen don't affect the vote bank 
So they are neglected by government
For the conservation of camels
There are no laws and no amendments. 

Let we search new alternatives 
to protect these creatures
Otherwise we have to import 
even milk and cereals from other places. 

By Monika Jain 'Panchi'

Camel is a very important animal of desert area. It is an important component of the ecosystem of deserts. Camels played a critical role in the field of transportation, war and defence as a faithful animal. With the changes in scenario, now needs of camels have decreased. Thats why this rare animal is being neglected by us. Earlier India’s rank was third in the world in terms of the number of camels. But now it has reached to the tenth position. Now camel’s life is completely in danger. All the initiatives taken by state and central government have proved inadequate to save this animal. The sad thing is that no special efforts are being made to handle this situation.