Friday, June 20, 2014

Poem about Women

You are a Woman 

Symbol of Love 
World of happiness
Soul of values
Identity of gentleness

You are a woman, known for greatness. 

Miracle of God 
Remains anonymous 
Tender and soft 
Indeed magnanimous

You are a woman, very generous. 

Delicate outside 
Strong inside 
Quiet sometimes
and loud at times 

You are a woman, who can't be defined. 

Caring and loving
Full of dedication
Known for sacrifice
Full of compassion

You are a woman, no need to mention.

Epitome of strength 
Fountain of life
Brings joy to others and 
Light that guides

You are a woman, shines in the darkest of nights. 

Unique creator 
to beautify the world 
Mystery of god 
A beautiful word

You are a woman, perfume of the world.

By Monika Jain 'Panchi'

Women are the most beautiful creation of nature. They are angle on the earth. They give life to the world. They are real architect of the society. Life has no existence without a woman in every stage of life. They are cute daughters, sweet sisters, lovely wives, loving mom and adorable friends. They are loving, caring and wonderful. Beauty of a woman resides in her willingness to listen, patience to understand, strength to support, heart to care and always be there. A woman can draw strength from troubles and smile during distress. Women are like insurmountable energy of sun. They are like coolness in breeze and divinity in the lightning. They are strong, beautiful, compassionate, Thoughtful, sensitive and symbol of modesty. They are healing for the whole humanity. Women are just amazing. 

The poem is dedicated to all the women of the world. How is this poem about Women ? Feel free to tell via comments.