Friday, June 27, 2014

Poem on Parents

Parents : The Unsung Heroes

My house is a banyan tree 
My father is the root of this
My mother is the dense shade 
It remains till my last breath 
It’s my only wish. 

Father’s love is unique
Soft as the breeze
Mother’s love is sweetest 
Distinct and prettiest. 

Mom and Dad 
You are the unsung heroes of my life 
When I am in dark 
You are always there to show me light. 

You encourage me 
When I am crashing in 
You always turn to me 
to forgive all my sins. 

To fight with my fears 
When I am lonely with my tears
To care when I am ill
You are always there
to fulfill my wills. 

You both are the reason 
Why I’am so strong
With your blessings
Nothing could go wrong. 

You are irreplaceable 
Your love will never pale
I know, no one can love me 
more than you mom and dad
So I need forever
again and again your lovely shade.

Thank you for giving birth to me
Thank you for coloring the rainbow of my life
Thank you for putting the rhythm in my soul
Thank you for standing always by my side. 

By Monika Jain ‘Panchi’ 

Parents are the divine gifts. They are the reason of our existence on this earth. They are the most important people of our lives. They do everything for our happiness. They love, their care, their sacrifices all are just incomparable. This poem is dedicated to all the parents. How is this poem ? Feel free to tell via comments.