Monday, July 7, 2014

Poem on Hindi Day

Hindi Day 

Last night hindi came in my dreams 
She was looking very sad 
I asked to her 
Why are you feeling bad ? 

You will get respect from everyone 
As the hindi day is coming soon 
It's the time to be happy 
As that day will prove for you a boon.

Hindi said 'Its the irony' 
I get only one day of the year 
I am a stranger in my own country 
I don't want such honor .

My childrens don't know me 
They love foreign languages
I am totally unknown here 
It really discourages.

When I listen this from hindi 
I filled with regret 
I thought to share her pain 
and decided to get back her respect and name. 

By Monika Jain 'Panchi' 

Hindi day is celebrated every year on 14th September in India. This day is celebrated to get the respect back of that language which is understood by 75 % of the people of India. The language which played an important role to make our country independent from british rulers. Dedicating a single day for such a language is an insult of it. This day is merely a formality to escape the hindi language from being omitted. The above poem is reflecting the pain of our hindi language. This poem is just the english translation of my hindi poem for hindi day. Whether we speak hindi or english that doesn't matter much. But I think one should never feel ashamed in talking in his /her mother tongue. Hindi is a language of proud. It’s the most beautiful language i have ever spoken, heard or written. I just love the language hindi and will always.