Monday, July 28, 2014

Poem on Patriotism

Be Patriot in True Sense 

Mother’s day, father’s day, valentine’s day or independence day 
All the important things are shrinking in particular one day 
Writing poems, giving speeches, making posters and banners
Competitions, meetings, having snacks and the day is over. 

Watching the patriotic movies and shedding a tear or two 
Playing on mobiles patriotic hello tunes
Painting the screen savers with the colors of nation
Hoisting the flag and singing the national anthem
Showering the abuses on china and Pakistan 
Filling the whole body with the colors of the flag of Hindustan.

Our patriotism has been concentrated in only few days
To show our patriotism, are these the only ways ? 

No, this is not the patriotism.

Towards motherland
Patriotism is the consistence sense of loyalty and respect 
That is not reflected by just our words or ideas 
but by our actions and interests.

Patriotism is not only sacrificing our life for the nation
It’s a broader term which is reflected by each of our action 
We can truly be called patriot 
by building a healthy, beautiful, rich, educated, crime free and ethical nation. 

Whatever profession we are in 
We should faithfully discharge our duties 
Instead of talking about the love affairs of actors and actresses 
We should keep an eye on political and social changes 
and should stand against the wrong attitude and policies. 

Be patriot in a true sense 
Don’t make it mere a bookish word 
Don’t do anything against national interest 
And spread the glory of our nation in the whole world. 

By Monika Jain ‘Panchi’ 

How is this poem about patriotism ? Feel free to tell via comments.