Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Poem on Unity

Let Us All Unite 

I am looking at the stars
With the message of unity 
Millions of them twinkling in the dark night 
Seeing the beauty of their united efforts 
Let us all unite.

I am thinking about a family
Sacrifices by its members are not to each other 
But to the unity of their house
Seeing the enduringness of these relations 
Let us all unite.

I am dreaming of a nation 
Continue as free and independent 
Reaching its goal and destination 
In real for our nation to stand upright 
Let us all unite.

To get strength in opinion 
To get power in actions 
To get efficacy in character 
To get success in every walk of life 
Let us all unite. 

To help at the time of flood, cyclone, drought and earthquake 
To eliminate corruption, racism, terrorism and rape
To escape from thieving, robbery, smuggling and hoarding 
To kill all the devils and vice 
Let us all unite. 

To run all the voluntary activities
To heal all bruises big and small
To make the pleasure great and despair less
To complete all the difficult tasks in short of time 
Let us all unite.

For defense against oppression and injustice
For bringing much more love, peace and understanding
For saying no to hate, bigotry and prejudice
Sinking down all differences
Let us all unite.

Let us rise above sectional interests
Let us reject violence and selfishness
Thinking, feeling and breathing thoughts of unity 
at every moment of life
Let us all unite.

By Monika Jain ‘Panchi’

To get together and feel alright, let us all unite. How is this poem about unity ? Feel free to tell via comments.