Friday, August 29, 2014

Poem about being Happy

I can be happy in my life

My dream is to be happy in my life,
but how I can cut a stone with a knife?
I want myself to move forward,
but a thief can ever get reward?

 How I can forget all the things,
especially that I am a cling?
I am always left under the cloak of darkness,
while others live in sky of sparkness.

 I have heard about fear,
but can a deaf hear?
I want to become love’s craver,
but can you make from ash a paper?

 I want myself to be good,
but hearts of other are like wood.
If all says that these things are impossible,
then how can my dream be possible?

 But I can say my dream is possible,
because impossible also says that I am possible.
Thus I can be happy in my life,
and can try to cut a stone with a knife.

By Aditi Tripathi 
Shahjahanpur , Uttar Pradesh 

We all want a happy life without difficulties and sufferings. But problems, difficulties and sufferings all are part of life. They will remain till the last breath of our life. So instead of thinking to much about the things which are not in our control, we should learn to be happy in each and every situation. And the things and situations we can easily change should be changed for the sake of our happiness. We should stop doing things that make us unhappy. When happiness will be our priority, then only we can be happy in our life forever. 

Thank you Aditi for sharing this beautiful poem about the dream of being happy.