Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Poem about Breaking Up

Silent Sacrifice

In the noise of hatred, abuses and sarcasm
Finally I succeeded to hide the too much love for you 
I suppressed all those words and feelings 
Which were the witness of my love to you. 

Tell it a victory 
or say it my worst defeat
Why love happens to the person 
who is not allowed to
touch the dreams even in sleep. 

You may not realise ever 
the silent sacrifice of mine 
Because you never learned 
to look into the heart 
Which seemed bitter to you 
was just sweet
That was never tart. 

I couldn’t tell you, never
That it’s impossible to live without you 
But you would move anytime, anywhere 
It can’t be ignored too. 

Love with you was always a punishment 
There is also no reason to live without you 
But absence of reason is better than punishment 
To live scattered for the whole life is 
better than breaking in every moment. 

Bitter, sweet whatever it is your memory box 
I will make it the support of my life 
I would never say anything to you. 
While drinking the pain of my silent sacrifice. 

By Monika Jain ‘Panchi’ 

It’s very difficult to give up something that is meaningful and important to you. But some relationships are bound to break, so it’s better to break them at right time, instead of making them more bitter. Breaking up is generally painful whether it is for good of both. How is this poem about breaking up a love relation and silent sacrifice for love ? Feel free to share your views via comments.