Thursday, August 14, 2014

Poem about Dance


I wanna Dance

I wanna dance till my last breath
By drowning in dance
I want to be lost forever 
So the suffocation of external world
couldn't touch my breath ever.

I wanna reach in the world 
Where my impressions 
make my universe
Where the smile 
passing through my dancing steps 
settles on my lips.

Where the touch of freedom 
fills the pore of my body 
with joy and gladness
Without wings where i fly with 
indomitable spirit and confidence.

Dancing is the feeling of rising sun 
from a flowing river
getting the touch of winds 
from all the directions 
north, east, west and south 
It’s the exaltation of soul. 

Dancing gives me 
the feeling of completeness
Mountains, moon and stars 
all become 
the witness of my happiness. 

It seems like the whole earth is 
fascinating with dance
Flowers, leaves, butterflies 
even each particle, moment and living being 
are enjoying my dance.

By Monika Jain 'Panchi' 


Fall in Love with Dance 

The word dance is undefined 
It's the expression of heart not of mind. 

Dance is the language of soul
It is one of your best pal. 

Dance take us in a totally new world 
Where we can fly like a bird.

The world of dance is so beautiful 
It makes the life very colorful.

You will forget all your pain 
Peace and happiness you will gain. 

Everyone should take this chance 
and You will fall in love with dance.

By Monika Jain 'Panchi' 

Dancing is the way to express and explore ourselves. To feel the perfection, freedom, pleasure, peace and satisfaction, everyone should dance.

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