Friday, September 19, 2014

Poem on Teacher in English

Let’s be a learner forever

I've always been looking for a true teacher
But as I couldn't find
I made an assumption 
that It’s not easy to find a good mentor
in the present time.

But so ignorant I was 
I didn't knew that everyday 
I am meeting with so many teachers
Who are familiarizing me 
with the untouched aspects of life.

My failures !
Aren't they my teacher ?
They always showed me my drawbacks
Where by improvement 
I can climb the ladders of success. 

The nature ! 
It is the greatest master 
Links of knowledge are scattered 
in each of its particle
Adding these together 
make a new world of light and glare. 

Every person connected to our life is our mentor
Truth is shown to us even by a traitor
Every living being we encounter
contribute to our education 
We learn something new 
even by every situation.

Today my search is over
I don’t need a single teacher
As I can get knowledge 
even by observing myself and others 
and I can learn lessons from each particle of nature.

By Monika Jain ‘Panchi’ 

Children, our coworkers, friends,animals, plants, each and everything is offering us something to learn. Everyone who enters in our life either for few moments or for life time, he/she has at least one lesson we need to learn in our life. So we should stop, look, hear or pay attention to all these lessons. Whether something goes wrong or it goes right, we always have opportunity to learn something new that is surely very useful for our life. So let’s be a learner forever. 

How is this poem about teachers ? Feel free to share your view.