Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sad Poetry in English

Silent Cry 


Neither overflow through tears
nor written on papers 
There are some pains 
that only resides within heart veins. 


Tell the happiness not to knock my doors 
I can’t even welcome them 
Tell the dreams to search someone else eyes 
My eyes are moist can’t dare to weave them. 


Your desires, I wish ! 
could see my difficulties 
But in front of your ambitions 
you can’t see anything else
Your game of making alive which is dead 
and killing that again 
How much my soul suffers
do you have any guess ? 


My efforts are continued to smile all the time 
but these eyes are deceiving them 
My efforts are continued to hide my wounds 
but this world is digging into them. 


Every night sleeps in your thoughts
Every morning begins with your dreams 
You have given me so much pain 
that my soul cries even during sleep. 


Neither by thundering clouds
nor by sparkling lights 
I startled when there is a silent noise 
In spite of denying my breath hear it 
In this silence 
A heart cries loud making no voice. 


No destination, no desire, not a dream anymore
I am simply doing that gives peace to my heart 
There would be a reason why i am breathing 
Just because of that I am moving on the path. 


If you stayed a stranger 
so much would survive within me 
The cost of knowing you
I paid losing myself 
How to forgive you 
How to forget everything
You character is still of disloyalty 
wrapped in selfishness. 

By Monika Jain ‘Panchi’ 

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