Thursday, October 16, 2014

Feminist Poem in English

Why do you forget?

Why do you forget?
He is trader of hate not of love,
Expecting affection from him 
is searching ocean in burning coals. 

Why do you forget?
He is bunch of lies not of faith,
When he calls himself truthful,
the lie itself becomes ashamed. 

Why do you forget?
Woman is not a woman,
just a stunning body for him.
Your love, faith and devotion make
no sense to him.

Why do you forget?
He is a pitcher full of selfishness.
For him,
his ego and mean is most important,
Your sacrifice makes no sense. 

Why do you forget his dangerous intentions
behind his innocent, seductive smile.
Victim herself will walk in his cage
thats why he talks so sweet and polite.

Why do you forget? 
His feminist speech is merely a charade.
Not only the innocent,
He also deceived the women who are firebrand. 

Don’t you recognize the hidden obscenity of his mind?
Don’t you know he is a pseudo-feminine?
Every Time you will be cheated in his fake love,
He is just the carving of your body, 
If you won’t quench his thirst
he will burn you in the fire of his disgust. 

Relax your heart and let the brain work.
Such animals don’t understand the language of love.
So never expect that one day they will change.
Just leave them on their condition and state. 
Time is writing all their crimes,
Water will caste on their artifice. 

By Monika Jain ‘Panchi’

Pseudo Feminism is very common today. How is this poem about pseudo feminist for revealing the truth to women. Feel free to share your views.