Monday, October 6, 2014

Inspirational Poem in English

There'll be a day

Chapter of this struggle will come to an end
His attacks will be worst If you'll fend.

There's always a bright sun behind a dark night
There'll be chance to win only if you'll fight.

Don't fear from the word of failure
If you decide it success will be sure.

Never think to kill your single dream
Always think that you are the supreme.

Live only in this world to be on the top
To reach on the cliff never kill your hope.

Take a sip of your tears If you feel thirst
No one will consider you If you aren't first.

Winning is not so hard, you are capable for it
If you lose, only you are responsible for it.

There will be a spate of happiness in your path
In the rain of pleasure, you will take a bath.

For this, there is a condition to follow
You'll have to forget all of your sorrow.

Thereafter you can dive in river of pleasure
Which is filled with joy, you'll find that treasure.

I Hope you'll shove your fears far away
For your success, everyone will pray.

In this light you will find a right way
And you'll be winner, there'll be a day.

By Malendra Kumar 

Life is a struggle. So one should be prepared to deal with these obstacles. Remain confident and keep fighting till the last breath. This is the only way that leads to success. Thank you Malendra for sharing such an inspirational poem about life and it’s struggles. 

How is this Inspirational poem ‘there'll be a day’. Feel free to share your views via comments.