Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Poem on International Women’s Day

Handful of Freedom

Mom ! Is there not such sky, 
from where daily I can bring a handful of freedom.

Freedom from those staring eyes, 
that doesn’t allow me to walk unfazed on the paths. 

Freedom from those taunts, jokes and teasers, 
that repeatedly gives me the feeling of being only a body, not a soul. 

Freedom from those thousands of restrictions and advises, 
where two needles of watch decides when I should go out of the house. 

Freedom from the terror that is constantly growing,
while turning the pages of daily newspapers filled with bloodstained shouts. 

Freedom from that illusion of independence, 
In which women liberation is defined only by showing of her body parts.

Freedom from that narrow minded thinking, 
where women’s honor and respect is linked only with her body. 

Freedom from that orthodox opinion, 
where innocent loses her honor not the guilty. 

Freedom from the competition
that is introducing men and women as an opponents, 
Instead of considering as each other’s complement.

Mom ! I have to bring a handful of freedom daily.
So that I can make a world,
where my thoughts, confidence and abilities can breath freely.

By Monika Jain ‘Panchi’

Women are the complete and perfect creation of god. Still they are always controlled by the opposite sex. Over time women are taking initiative to get their freedom, rights and power. But we have to go far away to get our independence in true sense. How is this poem about women’s liberation and freedom on International Women’s Day. Feel free to share your views.