Friday, October 10, 2014

Poem on Success in English


I am Innocent

Why don't you believe me
Let me free now leave me.

I can't be what you want
I wanna be, what I want.

Never think that I can't
I won't lose a single chance.

One day you'll feel proud on me
Will salute me, one day it will be.

One day I'll win, you will see
You'll need shadow, and I'll be your tree.

With my wings one day I'll fly
There will be mine feet over sky.

I will write then a history
There will be only mine victory.

Will melt each n every sorrow's snow
As I used to swim against the flow.

Seat of the winner, I'll reserve it
In battles, success and victory, I deserve it.

Don't leave me in cage to rust
I am innocent please trust
I am innocent please trust.

By Malendra Kumar

Thank you ‘Malendra’ for sharing such a beautiful poem about self confidence, determination and success. 


You will win the race

Everyone wants successful life 
But very few people achieve that height.

Determination has the major role 
It can help to achieve your goal.

For success it's necessary to know yourself 
Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can help.

Polish your strengths and overcome your shortcomings
It will help you to achieve everything. 

Be focused and have confidence 
It's very necessary to have patience.

Have the courage and make your ways 
Then you will win the race always.

By Monika Jain 'Panchi'

How are these poems about success, self confidence and determination. Feel free to submit your views.