Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Poem on My Dreams

My Dreams

Wanna read the eyes not the words
Wanna read the books that are covered.

Wanna hear the silence not the noise
Wanna hear the hearts broken like toys.

Wanna listen the thoughts not expressed 
Wanna listen the questions that are suppressed.

Wanna look the faces that are masked 
Wanna study the evil intentions of these hearts. 

Wanna collect the dreams that are unfulfilled 
Wanna search the hopes that are unrevealed. 

Wanna feel the depth of the talks going around
Wanna hear the suppressed and muffled sounds. 

Wanna fill the hearts with love and joy
Wanna kill the evils that daily annoy.

Wanna break the borders and fly like bird
Wanna carry you all in a beautiful world.

By Monika Jain 'Panchi'

So much is unrevealed in this world. So much is hidden. I wish ! I could see all that are invisible, could hear the words that are unspoken, could read everything that is unwritten. I wish ! I could feel, understand and share the hidden pain of some broken hearts and unfulfilled dreams. I wish ! I could hear and give voice to some suppressed screams. I wish ! I could answer all the wet questioning eyes. I wish ! I could reveal the reality of the masked faces and their evil intentions, those carry smile, gentleness, respect, humility and seems very decent, but as soon as they get chance they execute their evil intentions. I wish ! I could unveil all the things that should be unveiled. 

How is this poem about my dreams and desires to see the veiled things of this world ? Feel free to share your views.