Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Poem on Childhood in English

Wish I Could Hold...

Wish I could hold it
I could hold to get old.
Wish I could pinch it
I could pinch my cheeks like my mom did.
Wish I could blow it
I could blow bubbles in the water.
Wish I could skip it
I could skipping the ropes again.
Wish I could flash it
I could flash the lights in the sky at midnight.
Wish I could blame it
I could blame others for breaking lamp in the fight.
Wish I could play it
I could play hide and seek with my friends now.
Wish I could dream it
I could see sweet dreams.
Wish I could hold it
I could hold my childhood memories.

By Chetan K Dheer 

Childhood is full of sweet memories. With the passage of time we feel more attachment with our childhood. How true were those moments without any hypocrisy. How joyous were those days without any stress. Whenever we cried, someone was there to picked us up and wipe our tears. Playing all sorts of games in the street was just amazing. Eating, drinking, playing, studying and sleeping were the only works to do. No tensions, no worries, no responsibilities, no duties. Those were the best days of our life. That was the blissful time of ignorance and innocence. Wandering like a deer and enjoying the natural beauty was pleasant. I miss my childhood like anything. I wish I could hold those days. 

Thank you 'Chetan K Dheer' for sharing such a lovely poem about childhood memories. 

How is this poem about childhood memories ? Feel free to share your views.