Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Poem on Morning in English

Poem on Morning in English for Kids. Recitation Poetry about Dawn, Good Day Nursery Rhymes, Dayspring Lines, Dark Light Messages, India a Golden Bird, Sunshine Quotes, Sun Rise Slogans, Illumination.

Say Bye to Night 
Fight with dark
Step towards light
Welcome the new dawn 
Say bye to night.
Illuminate every house
Remove despair 
Communicate hopes and 
Wipes out tears.
Bring happiness to each face 
Educate the entire human race 
Cut the snare of unemployment 
Fill every heart with encouragement.
Remove the corruption 
Kill the terrorism 
Boycott the racism 
and spread humanism.
Spread our fame and glory 
in the whole world 
Make our country again
a golden bird.

By Monika Jain 'Panchhi'

How is this poem about morning?