Friday, September 9, 2016

Personal Development Quotes in English

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Personal Development Quotes

  • Every night before falling asleep recall to your mind the events of the whole day and consider exactly what has been good and bad. It will help you in avoiding your mistakes. Also plan for the next day. 
  • Don't wait for others to bring success to yourself. Develop the quality of self help. Most successful is one who depends least on others. Quality of self help makes the person self confident and self reliant.  
  • Develop the realistic understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Spend some time with yourself and explore your strengths, your potentials and the natural talent you are born with. It will help you in determining your goal and will increase your self confidence. Also think about the things that make you feel bad about yourself. Once you have identified such things the next step is to determine what you can do to change them or improve them and work on that.  
  • The only thing you must fear is fear itself. So keep it far away from yourself.  
  • Keep learning. Develop some new hobbies. Join new courses and gain new knowledge and skills. Learn from people who inspire you. Learn from your friends. Learn from everyone.  
  • When you don't know something it gives you opportunity to learn. Your troubles make you strong. Your mistakes teach you valuable lessons. Your limitations provide you an opportunity for improvement. Your difficult time help you in growing yourself. It's only your positive attitude that can make difference.  
  • Don't fear being alone, Learn to like yourself. Don't fear failure, keep trying. Don't fear rejection, have faith in yourself. Don't fear truth, try to see the ugliness in lies. Don't fear dark, see the beauty of starlight. Don't fear destiny, you have power to change your life.  
  • Be the self motivator.  
  • Learn to deal with difficult people.  
  • Commit to your personal growth.  
  • Many times I read 'Don't change yourself for the sake of others'. I can't understand what is bad in changing yourself if it is necessary and good for all. You are not a stone. You are alive so don't be so rigid and always be open for good change in your attitude. The real fact is that you can only change yourself not others.
By Monika Jain 'Panchhi'

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