Saturday, September 3, 2016

Poem about Forgiveness

Poem about Forgiveness in English for Kids. I am Sorry Poetry, Apology Day Verses, Forgive Rhymes, Uttam Kshama Yachna Diwas, Michhami Dukkadam, Pardon Lines.

Let's Forgive Each Other

Forgiveness blossom flowers of love
Forgiveness melt prong of hate
The effect of forgiveness is such that
Enemies hug each other and become friends.

As much as this word is beautiful
It’s presence is equally fine
Forgiveness cleans
Every single corner of our mind.

To apologize and to forgive
makes a complete personality
Ego doesn't stay
in the presence of sorry.

By not forgiving others mistake
We are doing injustice with ourself
We are moving with a heavy burden
remaining the offender of ourself.

So on the day of forgiveness
Let’s come together and forgive each other
Filth that is loaded in our heart
Let’s make it perfectly clear.

By Monika Jain ‘Panchhi’

To forgive and to ask for forgiveness, both need a courageous, sensitive, clean and a big heart. To apologize is not the sign of cowardice. In fact it destroys our ego. On the other hand to forgive is also the sign of nobility and greatness. Directly or indirectly both these things benefit us. The biggest favor by forgiving someone we do on ourselves. Because the hate, malice and envy dwells within us do not harm others but it definitely work as a poison for us. Forgiveness releases us from the captivity of these negative thoughts and their unnecessary burden. The thing which is most needed for us is to introspect, to become introvert, to recognize our mistakes, to accept them and to ask for forgiveness with a resolution that these mistakes will not be repeated in future. Behaviour we expect from others should be our behavior towards others.

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