Thursday, September 15, 2016

Poem on Freedom of India in English

Poem on Freedom of India in English for Kids. 15th August Independence Day Poetry, Free, Peaceful, Sacred, Prosperous, United, Rhymes, Verses, Lines, Slogans.


Freedom of India is defined by :

Cycle of Corruption
Threats of Violation.

Peaceful India is defined by :

Trap of Terrorism
Riots of Communal-ism.

Unity of India is defined by :

Poison of Regionalism
Termite of Racism.

Prosperity of India is defined by:

Increase of Inflation
Bait of Reservation.

Sacred India is defined by :

Grip of Vulgarism
Rape of Humanism.

Put your hand on your heart and think again :

Are we really living in free, peaceful, sacred and prosperous India?

By Monika Jain 'Panchhi'

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