Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Religion Quotes in English

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Religion Quotes

  • I am proud to be 'Brahmin', I am proud to be 'Rajput', I am proud to be 'Punjabi', I am proud to be '...........' . What the hell is this? Dear educated people when you will feel proud to be a 'Good Human Being'? Did you bring any mark by birth on your body that represents a particular caste or religion? 
  • You don't need pomposity to get god, you only need a pure heart. 
  • When you accept serving humanity as your religion, you start to feel god within you, then you don't need to search god in any temple or mosque. 
  • Many people worship god only to get a license to do all bad works. 
  • For some people religion is just a product to sell and to market. 
  • When it comes to religion some people are just mad and blind. 
  • Religious extremists who forcefully impose their religion on others are not religious at all.They are the enemies of mankind.  
  • Killing of innocent animals in the name of religion is an insult to religion.  
  • Religions today are not serving the purpose for which they came into existence. Instead of uniting they are dividing us.  
  • I believe in God. Only I spell it humanity.  
  • My religion is humanity. Teach a man to be a good human being and you have solved the problem of life.  
  • A human should become human first then there will be no need of any religion or caste.  
  • Religion is not about chanting mantras only....accept its broader perspective.  
  • If you want to bring peace in this world then accept humanity as the only religion.  
  • If violence is part of a religion then it’s not a religion at all.  
  • Religion nowadays is developing as a business. For some people it’s just a product to sell and to market.  
  • Only humanity can make this world worth living.  
  • Don't be mad and blind in the name of religion.You can never find God in this way.  
  • People who can't do something worthy to make them feel proud often feel proud to be Brahmin, Rajput, Punjabi, Muslim etc. Dear people when you will feel proud to be a good human being?  
  • None of us bring any mark by birth that represent a particular religion or caste. But we give importance to these things over humanity (the real identity of a human being).  
  • The way different religions claim different things about God, sometimes I think : God created human or human created God. If we assume God as a supreme power then who we are to decide anything about God. 
  • Some people are not concerned with population issue as they think children are gifts of God. I can't understand how people can impose their doings on God.  
  • Do not let trust and faith be superstition.
By Monika Jain 'Panchhi'

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