Friday, September 9, 2016

Unity in Diversity Quotes, Unity is Strength

Unity in Diversity Quotes in English. United We Stand, Cultural Togetherness Strength, National Integration Slogans, Oneness Sayings, Cooperation Proverbs.

Unity in Diversity Quotes

  • Imagine a world without countries, religions, castes etc where all the people are living life in peace and harmony. Yeah I am a dreamer and I am watching this dream since childhood. 
  • The major problem in our country is divided good people and lack of a perfect leader who can unite all.  
  • Accept the differences and respect them. This will help us to achieve love, peace and brotherhood.  
  • Favor or Disfavor should be for a thought not for a person. As a good person may put a wrong thought and a bad person may also put a right thought. Differences of views should never lead to differences of hearts.  
  • Instead of uniting, religions today are dividing us. The best thing about humanity is that it can unite all.  
  • One should always be open to accept new thoughts and suggestions and improve one's thinking.  
  • Oneness gives birth to love and peace.  
  • Integration gives momentum to growth.  
  • Only the unity of good people can kill or defeat all the evils.

By Monika Jain 'Panchhi'

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