Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Poem about Myself, Me and I in English

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I am a Poem...

I am a puzzle no one can solve
I am a notion no one can evolve.

I am a river with no direction
Flying bird with no restrictions.

Feel alone in worldly crowd
Poem of sky raining from clouds.

Friend of dreams never seen
Love to do that never been.

Like to walk without a way
Love to talk without a say.

Enjoy the fly without any wings
I am a cuckoo who love to sing.

Full of love, bright and coy
Affection and compassion are my joy.

Creative, self confident and smart
Sensitive and emotional at heart.

Love to write without any words
Love to draw wings of birds.

Lover of nature, sun and trees
A colored butterfly in cool breeze.

Lots of pain without relief
But I can hide all my grief.

Keep myself away from fears
Though fighting with struggles for many years.

I am stronger than any evil
Brave and courageous in the eye of a devil.

Battles in my heart shatters me apart
But I can stand adding pieces of my heart.

I am a flame no one can put out
I am a riddle no one can sort out.

I am a portrait no one can finish
I am a fire no one can extinguish.

I am a sky having no hillt.
I am a poem no one can complete.

By Monika Jain 'Panchhi'

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