Friday, November 11, 2016

Poem on National Integration in English

Poem on National Integration Day in English. Communal Religious Harmony Slogans, Unity in Diversity of India Poetry, Oneness Rhymes, Proverbs, Quotes, Messages.

Think for the Nation

Don't spread the fire of racism
Don't sing the song of regionalism
Don't divide on behalf of lingualism
Please embrace humanism.

We all feel the same thirst
We all feel the same hunger
We all have the same pulsation
We all breathe the same air.

Then why these heart distances
Why these compulsions
Why this narrow thinking
and Why this discrimination?

Stop killing Mankind in the name of religion
Take the whole country as a single region.
Don't be so blind for the sake of superstitions
Rise above your self interest and think for the nation.

By Monika Jain 'Panchhi'

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