Friday, December 2, 2016

Poem on Moon in English

Poem on Full Moon in English. Romantic Moonlight Poetry, Karva Chauth Festival Rhymes, Love Birds Memories Verses, Purnima, Moonless Night, Loneliness Lines.

O Moon!

O Moon!
Will you do a favor for me?
The one who is far away from me
A glimpse of him, will you bring me?

So many years have been passed
Neither I met him, nor i saw him
It’s been a long time since I fought him.

Today I am missing everything associated with him.
Loneliness is killing me deep within.
You are the witness of every night
When by holding hands in hands

We used to walk on dark and deserted paths.
Long ways turned into short
When two love birds started their journey
on a completely unknown path.

He was very calm just like you
So the excuse of fighting always I had to find
and After having a fight I used to cry like a child.

Those wet moments and his loving touch
Even if i wish I can not express
Love can be just felt
To describe it I am completely wordless.

Today I will start crying
If I will remember all the things.
The storm of memories will shatter me
if I will begin to tell about every meeting.

When he will read my sufferings
He will also start crying
and If I will see tears in his eyes
Literally I will start dying.

O moon!
Do a little favor for me -
Either bring my moon or
Do it moonless today for me.
Because seeing you tonight
My pain, I won’t be able to hide
and If my moon won’t come
It will be impossible to survive.
It will be impossible to survive.

By Monika Jain ‘Panchhi’ 

When we are in love and our loved one is not with us then everything around remind us of him/her. The above poem reflect the pain of a girl who is alone on the ‘Karva Chauth’ night. She is praying to moon to bring her lost love in her life again. 

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