Monday, December 5, 2016

Poem on Old Age People in English

Poem on Old Age People in English. Respect Senior Citizens Poetry, Elderly Parents Rhymes, Aging Homes, Youth & Elders, Retirement Slogans, Aged Person Verses.

Being Elders

Today rhythms of children, youth and elders are distorted
Youth are indulged in themselves
and old age people seems them outdated.

Nuclear families are far away
from the intimate company of elders
‘Senior citizens are a problem’
this is the thinking of our youngers.

Those who send to their elders to old age homes
Forget one day they will also get old
and their children may do the same to get rid of them.

The old age people can fire the flame
in the light of which our society can success
With the knowledge and experience of senior citizens
our country can also progress.

It’s our duty to give our elders
emotional security and respect
We should bring them in the mainstream of society
and They should not be ignored and insulted.

The old people also have to understand
that change is the law of nature.
They have to accept the changes in the
thinking of new young generation being their elders.

By Monika Jain ‘Panchhi’

Old age people are our guide. They are our true pioneer. Direction they give us can change our destiny and their teachings can fill our life with happiness and peace. Elders are trees of rituals and values. In the shadow of senior citizens we can get the precious treasure of knowledge, experience and rites. So we should never ignore elderly people. Our existence is only because of our elders so we should provide them love, respect and protection. We should bring them in the mainstream of our society so that they never feel isolated and ignored. With their experience and with our new approach, creativity and hard work we can contribute in national development.

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